Mr David Cheung Oculoplastic Surgeon


David is a full time ophthalmic and oculoplastic consultant for both the Dudley Group of Hospitals and the Sandwell & West Birmingham NHS Trusts serving Birmingham, West Bromwich and Dudley. In addition, David also runs a busy private practice specialising in all aspects of cosmetic and reconstructive eyelid surgery and lacrimal orbital disease.

Mr Cheung was born and brought up in Birmingham, UK.

He graduated from the University of Bristol Medical School with a both a Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacology in 1991 and a Bachelor of Medicine degree in 1994 winning several prizes and scholarships.

After initial experience in Neurology, Rheumatology, General Medicine, General Surgery, Laparoscopic Surgery and accident and emergency, David went into undergraduate teaching as an Anatomy and Physiology demonstrator and Sheffield School of Biomedical Sciences.

David then embarked on a career in ophthalmology working in multiple busy units in the UK including Cheltenham, Sheffield, Birmingham, Bradford, Wolverhampton, Leicester and London.

Mr Cheung has numerous postgraduate qualifications including being a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and a Fellow of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists in London.

He has been an ophthalmologist since 1996 and has subspecialised in oculoplastic surgery since 2003 after completing two subspecialty training fellowships in the highly renowned oculoplastic teaching centres of Leicester and Moorfields Eye Hospital in London.Mr Cheung is a medical student trainer for the University of Birmingham Medical School, junior doctor trainer for the West Midlands Deanery in Ophthalmology and Oculoplastics and an examiner for the Royal College of Ophthalmologists.

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Consultation Style

Mr Cheung, above all is known for his artistic, holistic and meticulous approach to facial cosmetic surgery. He prides himself on being able to consult his patients in an informal, relaxed, honest and approachable manner. It is because of his down to earth personality and the expertise offered that patients repeatedly request to see him.

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What is Oculoplastic Surgery?

David is recognised locally and nationally as an expert in eyelid and oculofacial surgery.

Oculoplastic surgeons, unlike general plastic surgeons, do not perform general cosmetic work, for example, breast enlargement/reduction, chin implantation, rhinoplasty.

Because Mr Cheung's work is solely confined to the specialised plastic surgery of the delicate structures around the eye, upper face and midface, he is able to address many of the potential problems and avoid/treat the potential complications which can occur, thus offering a dedicated oculofacial service unlike most general plastic surgeon.

The term oculoplastic surgery (sometimes called ophthalmic plastic reconstructive surgery or oculofacial surgery) describes the specialised branch of plastic surgery of the facial structures around the eye and includes both reconstructive and cosmetic (aesthetic) surgery.


Eyes, Eyelids, Face and almost nothing else!

Oculoplastic surgeons are specifically trained in both ophthalmology (eye surgery) and plastic surgery for the eyelid region of the face. They therefore become expert with eye conditions and their management. Unlike general plastic surgeons, oculoplastic surgeons do not offer surgery on any other parts of the body e.g. breast augmentation.

Since oculoplastic surgeons only deal with problems of this area, they treat the largest number of cases in this region and are therefore the most familiar with the specialised anatomy and physiology of the eyelid region and its relationship to the eye.

It is because of this expertise that oculoplastic surgeons are therefore referred complex cases e.g. failed/unsuccessful previous surgery, revisional blepharoplasties by other surgeons both in the NHS and in private practice.

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    Before complex simultaneous eyelid elevation and lower surgery: Her right eyelid is low from damaged tendon from contact lens wear. Her left upper eyelid is high from tendon scarring from thyroid eye disease

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    1 week following complex upper eyelid oculoplastic surgery: Consisting of blepharoplasty surgery to both upper eyelids to tidy up any excess skin, elevation of the right upper eyelid (ptosis correction surgery) with left upper lid lower surgery (levator recession)

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    6 weeks following surgery. The patient was over the moon. Her eyelids now show perfect symmetry, contour and height

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    Before complex simultaneous ptosis and cicatricial ectropion correction. Note this gentleman has a droopy upper eyelid (ptosis) and out turning (ectropion) on his same left side. His left upper eyelid is low due to age related stretching of the main tendon. His out turning lower eyelid was due to skin tightness which would therefore require either a flap of skin or skin graft to relieve the tightness. The tightness of the lower lid skin was due to age related descent of the cheek (cicatricial ectropion)

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    5 days following surgery: The upper eyelid tendon has been repaired and tightened therefore lifting up the upper eyelid (ptosis correction). A flap of excess skin has been moved from the upper eyelid into the lower eyelid thus relieving the lower lid tightness

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    6 weeks following surgery. All the swelling has resolved. The patient was very happy. Both the upper lid ptosis and the lower lid ectropion have been corrected

Dear David, I just wanted to thank you for your extreme dedication and professionalism in coming in especially to perform expert restorative surgery on this young girl on Tuesday morning. I saw her post-op yesterday and the difference compared to pre-op was remarkable and I’m sure will make a huge difference to her in the future. The mother and the girl herself are immensely grateful for your expertise and recognise the vast improvement they can already see….
Mr JS Barry. Consultant Paediatric Ophthalmologist. Dudley Group of Hospitals NHS Trust