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Acceptance of terms
The use of this website ("the Website"), available at, is subject to the following terms of usage. Mr Cheung reserves the right to update the terms of usage at any time without notice to the observer. The current version of the terms of usage can be reviewed by clicking on the "Legal" link located at the top of every web page of the website.

Medical information
The Website contains information relating to medical conditions and procedures. Whilst Mr Cheung has made great efforts to make sure this information is accurate, this information cannot be considered a substitute to a doctor's advice. Therefore usage of any medical information from is at your own risk and creates no liability whatsoever towards Mr David Cheung or any of the Clinics/ Hospitals at which Mr Cheung practises.

Privacy and protection of personal information
No personal information is collected on this website other than:
• so-called "session cookies", which are erased after you close your browser. These cookies ease the navigation on this website, but collect no real personal information.
• page statistics assembled by the webserver, such as your IP-address and the pages and images you request from it. This information is used for statistical purposes only.

Links to other websites
The Website contains several links to websites outside As Mr Cheung has no control over these external websites, use of this information cannot create any liability towards Mr David Cheung. If you do access any of the external websites linked to, you do this entirely at your own risk.

Affiliate Link Policy
In some of our pages, you’ll find buttons and text links that redirect to Amazon and other reputable online retailers for certain products such as eye drops. If you click on one of these affiliate links and end up buying something from the retailer, Mr David Cheung Ltd will earn a tiny commission on your purchase. This revenue helps keep with the continued upkeep and hosting of this website.
The inclusion of affiliate links does not influence the editorial direction of this website and in no way does it influence the inclusion of that product link over any other product. Mr Cheung may recommend multiple different types of products and this is done so with the utmost integrity. The inclusion of an affiliate link should not be interpreted as a product endorsement.
Currently, Amazon is our main affiliate partner. The choice of one affiliate source over another should not be interpreted as an editorial endorsement, and Mr Cheung cannot guarantee that the link chosen represents the product’s best current price.

Applicable law
The laws of the United Kingdom apply to the Website and to any dispute arising out of or in connection with the Website or its use. Only the courts of London shall be authorised to handle any complaint or case associated with this Website.

Complaints Policy

Mr David Cheung committed to improving services by listening to you. I treat many patients each year and my aim is to offer a caring and efficient service to all my patients and visitors. I welcome and value your comments, suggestions, concerns and complaints as they help us to continuously improve the quality of the service we provide. Letting me know what you think will not affect your care in any way. I make every effort to offer the best patient care I can. However there may be times when your expectations are not met. On such occasions my aim is to give a full and prompt response to any complaint made.

The best and quickest way of getting something sorted out is to raise it at the time, or if not possible as soon as possible, with a member of staff preferably the manager or secretary verbally or by emailing:

Please make sure your email title says ‘COMPLAINT’.

Once you have made a complaint we will acknowledge safe receipt as soon as possible and within three working days. If you have not received an acknowledgment by then, please do call so that we can work together to make sure your complaint arrives safely. Once I receive your complaint I will keep the correspondence on a confidential file separate from your medical records. I will review your medical and any other relevant records, carry out any investigations that may be necessary. If I need any clarification or information from you then we will endeavour to seek it as soon as possible. Wherever possible I will respond substantively to your complaint within 14 calendar days of the complaint. If for any reason it is not possible to respond within that timeframe, then within that 14 days I will write to you with an update and to provide an estimated date for the response.
If you have a complaint about aspects of your care that I were not responsible for, then it may be necessary for you to raise those with another entity, such as a private hospital, as I will not be able to respond to complaints on their behalf. If it seems that any aspect of your complaint should be redirected to someone else to consider, we will let you know as soon as practicable.
You can ask a friend or family member to make the complaint on your behalf. You will need to sign an authority, which will allow us to speak to them and respond to them as we value your rights of confidentiality.
We do wish to point out that if you state that it is your intention to seek legal advice we will continue to deal with your complaint. If however you have made a legal claim and that includes presenting the basis of a claim pre-issue any part of your complaint that relates to the claim will not be considered. Any remaining part of your complaint will proceed.
My aim is to work with you until you are satisfied that we have answered your complaint fully and honestly.